Cut Time, a service of GroupCollect

Cut Time is a SaaS product that helps music teachers efficiently manage the administrative tasks necessary to run their classrooms. Our customers are school bands, choirs, orchestras, theatrical groups and dance teams. We help teachers organize student and parent information, as well as manage inventory, communications, waivers, collect payments and more. Our customers are real people and we're helping to make their lives easier.

Our team has small egos, we value each other's opinions, we enjoy each other’s personalities, and care about delivering a great product to our customers. Are we perfect? Nope. Do we tell funny jokes? Mostly not, but that doesn’t stop us from trying.

We’re looking for full-stack developers with mid to senior-level experience. You should have deep knowledge of Elixir & Phoenix or a similar front-end stack. It would also be helpful if you know your way around Tailwind and LiveView. Above all, you should be ready to learn a ton and wear a lot of different hats.


  • You will work with designers and stakeholders, exploring the cost and complexity of different ideas
  • You will be building new features from zero to production, communicating all the way through.
  • You will put your architect hat on to avoid brittle designs, costly mistakes, and implementation rabbit holes
  • You will be reviewing your teammates’ code, wagging your finger at them, and ensuring our codebase stays squeaky-clean.
  • You will (paradoxically) know when perfect is the enemy of good
  • You will keep an eye out for the cobwebs in our codebase, refactoring as you go along, always leaving things better than you found them.

Experience and Technologies We Use:

While we love the technologies in our stack, we don’t like to think of ourselves as “X developers”, where the technology itself becomes part of the job description. If you know Rails, Django, or Laravel like the back of your hand, and are willing to learn, we can make this happen.

  • Our backend is written in Elixir and Phoenix, using PostgreSQL as a database.
  • Our frontend is mostly server-side rendered.
  • We value writing the simplest, cleanest, most “boring” code that gets the job done. Code our future selves will thank us for. We chose these tools because they help us stay focused on making our customers happy.